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oh hey there! welcome welcome, feel free to make yourself at home, put up your coat, have a seat..

i suppose i should introduce myself, eh? i'm a girl of many names but in here, call me penny. i like hiking, nature*, and people. i dislike airplanes, capitalism, capital letters, and cops. that's the short story, anyway.. obviously my personality can't be reduced to a few characters on a web page but that's a primer of sorts.

there's a blog up at the top where ill tell stories about my life (albeit somewhat anonymized). stories are such a wonderful part of life, don't you think?


behold.. the todo list:


What would the world be, once bereft / Of wet and of wildness? Let them be left, / O let them be left, wildness and wet; / Long live the weeds and the wilderness yet.

-- Gerard Manley Hopkins, "Inversnaid"

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* - the humanity/nature dichotomy is a false one, like, everything's natural (nothing comes outside of nature, our environment is always around us, we're very much connected to the Earth), it's just some things suck and treat the living & physical environment as a reified object rather than an entity we have a relationship with and should treat with respect. here, i mean i like wilderness and wildness, but also plants and animals and fungi and all that cool shit